This album was recommended to me by my good friend Andreas, who is never at a loss for a good music tip. Keziah Jones ('Ancient Girl'), Phoenix ('False Self') or St. Vincent ('Symptom of Life' – St. Vincent also collaborates on 'Pain for fun') come to mind, but it's really its own fantastic blend of styles that Willow delivers convincingly.

I Can See Our House From Here



Ok, I think I have to post this album, recommended by Laura, for its gorgeous cover alone. But the music is a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of sounds as well – or, to put it in Andi Haberls words: "To me, the results feel like Gold Panda/Four Tet meets Steve Reich meets Krautrock meets film scores. I just really wanted to create moods that touch me – and ideally others, too.”

And I Love Her

Brad Mehldau Trio


It’s been great seeing Brad Mehldau at Konzerthaus Berlin. I’ve been following his career for the past quarter of a century, and he never ceases to inspire me. It’s hard to pick a song from his vast and eclectic catalog, but this rendition of the Beatles song „And I Love Her“ sparks quiet joy.

Mil Coisas Invisíveis

Tim Bernardes

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Tropicália and Saudade from Brazil: Tim Bernardes opens the portal to a mysterious, dreamy world of strings and reverb. The music comes across easy and profound at the same time.

Broken Man

St. Vincent


Love the raw ‘Kraft’ of this track on the latest St. Vincent album All Born Screaming.


Anouar Brahem


This first ECM recording of Brahem is of a rare, timeless quality. His improvisations on the oud are like the middle eastern counterpart to the Bach suites. This music has so much space—light and profound at the same time, it brings immediate calm to the busy mind.

Wall of Eyes

The Smile

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Radiohead’s Thom York and Jonny Greenwood, joined by Tom Skinner on drums. Textured, intricate, rich in facets — soft and loud at the same time. An ode to the rock trio, but never trite or exhausting. Listening to this album on blue vinyl certainly adds to the rock extravaganza.

We are the Saints

Gabriel Kahane

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Once again reminded what a great songwriter Garbiel Kahane is. This album is just pure bliss.

Bright Forms


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Council is Gabriel Kahane and Pekka Kuusisto's new project. This song is a beautiful, intimate gem of music, with the unexpected turns you'd expect from a Kahane song.


Four Tet

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I've been fan of Kieran Hebden's Four Tet for a while now. While definitely on the lighter side, I like how eclectic this album is.